Cold turkey

Do you know the phrase “cold turkey“?

Can you guess the meaning?

Example 1:

A: Has Ben stopped smoking yet?

B: Yes, he gave up cold turkey on 1st January.

A: Cold turkey? That’s great!

B: Yes, but he said it was hard. He really wanted to smoke for about a month after!

Example 2:

A: I want to stop drinking alcohol, but it’s hard to quit. My friend said I should give up cold turkey.

B: I don’t think that’s a good idea. I think it’s better to cut down gradually.

A: I think so too. I’m going to try to drink less every week.


Question: Cold turkey means:

a) a frozen bird

b) quit something for someone else

c) quit something immediately  (without cutting down gradually)

d) quit something for a short time, then start again soon after

The answer is below! ↓





Answer: c) quit something (usually smoking, drinking etc.) immediately, without cutting down gradually