Water under the……

Can you complete this English expression? It means someone had a problem in the past, but now, they don’t worry about it because time has passed and it cannot be changed.

Water under the …….

a) well

b) ocean

c) bridge

d) road

The answer is below! ↓

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Answer: c) bridge

Eg: Matt and I had a fight a few years ago, but that’s all water under the bridge. We are friends now.

Get your skates on!

Do you know the English expression “get your skates on“? It is used in the UK, and it is an informal expression. Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning?

Belinda: Aren’t you ready yet? Get your skates on, or we will be late!

Paul: I’ll be ready in five minutes!

Does it mean:

a) put your skating boots on

b) hurry up

c) stop getting ready

d) leave the house now

The answer is below!↓

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Answer: b) hurry up

The grass is……….

Can you complete this famous English saying? It means that people are not satisfied with what they have. They think other people are in a better situation.

The grass is…….

a) longer on the other side

b) brighter on the other side

c) shorter on the other side

d) greener on the other side

The answer is below!↓

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d) greener on the other side

The grass is greener on the other side.

Example conversation:

Iain: I heard that Terry quit his job.

Fred: Yes, he has gone to work for a rival company. He thinks the grass is greener on the other side.


Can you complete the last sentence?

“When Kelly goes to parties, she talks to everyone. She loves people. She is a social…….”

a) cat

b) bear

c) butterfly

d) bird

The answer is below!↓

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Answer: c) butterfly

A social butterfly is a person who is friendly with everyone and talks to everyone.

Are you a social butterfly?