[Easy English Blog] A hot day

This is a blog post by Patricia in New Zealand. It is summer there now!

fire warm fireplace barbecue

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We like to eat outside in summer. We have big tables and a lot of chairs. On New Year’s Day, we had a lunch party with family and friends. The weather was good and we had a nice day.

But since New Year, the weather has not been so good. Sometimes it was windy. Sometimes it was cloudy, and sometimes it rained!

Today is a bright, hot day. So tonight, when it is a little cooler, we will BBQ and eat outside.

We will have yakitori. Do you know yakitori? They are Japanese-style chicken kebabs. We will have prawn kebabs as well. I don’t know Japanese name for prawn kebabs. Maybe it doesn’t matter because I will use Thai sweet chilli sauce with the prawns. So I will call them Thai prawn kebabs!

I will make yaki onigiri – Japanese rice cakes – because my family likes them. There is a small problem with making yaki onigiri in New Zealand. The Japanese rice I can buy here is not as good.

Sushi restaurants in New Zealand use good rice – I don’t know where they buy it!  I would not make sushi with New Zealand supermarket rice. But I make yaki onigiri – they are not as good as the ones I could make in Japan – but they are OK.

I hope we will have a great meal.

By Patricia @ I Talk You Talk Press



Do you know the English adjective “tedious“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning?

Ryoko: What did you think of the new movie?

Pauline: I thought it was tedious. I left the cinema half way through the movie.

Does it mean:

a) scary

b) exciting

c) upsetting

d) boring

The answer is below!↓

curve industry photography vintage

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Answer: d) boring

[Easy English Blog] New Year’s resolutions

scrabble resolutions

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How are you getting on with your New Year’s resolutions? Are you keeping them? I am keeping some of them. One of my goals was to study French and Chinese every day, and I am doing that. Another goal was to exercise every day, and I’m still doing that too. These have now become habits. I feel confident I can continue these through the year.

This year, I also want to make more time to read, so I try to read for an hour before I go to sleep. At the moment I’m reading a Japanese novel. It’s so exciting that I sometimes read for longer than an hour.

Another resolution was to eat less chocolate. I have already failed….I love chocolate and eat too much. I tried not eating chocolate and I lasted about three days… I know it is not good for my health, but still…I can’t seem to give it up! I’m going to try and start again in February though. Maybe I can’t give chocolate up completely, but I can cut down on it!

By Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press




Do you know the English adjective “bustling“? Read the conversation. Can you guess the meaning?

Erika: Do many tourists visit your hometown during summer?

Nelly: They visit all year round. It is a bustling little town.

Does it mean:

a) quiet

b) full of cars

c) small

d) crowded and busy

The answer is below!↓

colorful cliffside village

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Answer: d) crowded and busy