give someone the cold shoulder

Here is our second idiom containing a “winter” word. Do you know “give someone the cold shoulder”?

Look at the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning?

Yvonne: Have you spoken to Bob recently?

Claire: No. I saw him the other day and said hi, but he gave me the cold shoulder.

Yvonne: I wonder what his problem is.

Does it mean

a) show someone your shoulder

b) not to speak to someone

c) tell someone you are angry with them

The answer is below! ↓

Answer: b) not to speak to someone




go cold turkey

It is cold here in Japan, so this month, we are featuring some idioms which contain “winter” words. Here is the first one –  go cold turkey.

Do you know it? Can you guess the meaning from the conversation below?

Debra: Are you going to quit smoking next year?

Sandra: Yes, I’m going to quit on January 1st.

Debra: Are you going to cut down slowly?

Sandra: No. I’m going cold turkey. I will stop completely on January 1st!

Does it mean 

a) stop a habit suddenly

b) eat cold turkey

c) stop a habit slowly

The answer is below! ↓

Answer: a) stop a habit suddenly


Another year almost gone!

Another year has almost passed! At I Talk You Talk Press we have spent the year planning our future graded readers. Although we haven’t published any new material this year, we have been working hard! We hope to make our new work available in 2018.

We would like to thank all of our readers who bought our books this year. We hope you enjoyed them. We look forward to providing you with much more next year.

Happy holidays from all of us at I Talk You Talk Press!

to be in the same boat

Do you know the English idiom “to be in the same boat“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess what it means?

Wayne: My company is getting rid of staff to save money. I’m really worried about my job. 

Harry: Well, we are all in the same boat. I heard yesterday that my company is thinking about reducing the number of employees.

Wayne: I guess everywhere is the same these days.

Does it mean:

a) to share a boat

b) to work for the same company

c) to leave a company

d) to be in the same situation

The answer is below! ↓


Answer: d) to be in the same situation

English Quiz – Postal Vocabulary

How is your postal vocabulary? Take this short quiz from I Talk You Talk Press to find out! The pass mark is 80%. Click the green button to start the quiz. Good luck!

There’s no time like the present

Do you know the English phrase “there’s no time like the present”? Can you guess the meaning?

Dave: I want to write a novel, but I’m busy, so maybe I will start writing it next year.

Kev: If you wait, you will never write it. There ‘s no time like the present

Does it mean

a) time is a gift

b) do something now

c) use your time wisely

d) our biggest gift is time

The answer is below! ↓



b) do something now

[Easy English Blog] The beach in spring


I love going to the beach in spring in Japan. Even on beautiful sunny days, it is empty! I feel like I have my own private beach. Why are there no other people here? Well, it is not yet “beach season” in Japan. Most people here wait until July, after the rainy season, to go to the beach. During that time, the beaches are packed (crowded) with people enjoying the sun and the sea. There are usually stalls (outdoor shops) selling ice cream, drinks and flavoured shaved ice.


The beach season does not last long. It usually ends around mid to late August. This is when jellyfish start to show up on the shore…

But until the season starts, I will make the most of (take advantage of) the peace and quiet, and enjoy running and walking on my own private beach!