…… in money

Can you complete this English expression? It means “to be very rich”.

……. in money

a) sitting

b) standing

c) lying

d) rolling

The answer is below!

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Answer: d) rolling

Rolling in money!

Example: “If you want a new car, ask your aunt. She’s rolling in money.”

By I Talk You Talk Press – Easy English Reading


[Short Story] Andy’s glasses

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Andy wears glasses. He doesn’t wear them all the time. He wears them when he drives his car. He wears them to read, and when he works on his computer.

Andy gets an email from the eye doctor’s office. The email says— We have not checked your eyes for one year. You should make an appointment. We will check your eyes.—-

Andy goes to the eye doctor’s office. He does an eye test.

The eye doctor says, “Your eyes are OK, but maybe you need new glasses. You need glasses that are a little stronger.”

Andy says, “OK.”

The eye doctor says she will order new glasses for Andy. She says, “Maybe your new glasses will feel a little bit strange. Maybe you will get a headache for a few days. Maybe you will feel ill for a little while.”

After one week, the eye doctor’s office calls Andy. The receptionist says, “Your new glasses are ready. Please come and get your new glasses.”

Andy goes to get his new glasses. His eye doctor is not there. She is on vacation.

Andy pays for his new glasses and takes them away. He is very pleased. His new glasses do not feel strange. He does not have a headache. He does not feel ill.

A few weeks later, Andy gets a call from his eye doctor. “Please come and see me,” she says.

Andy goes to see his eye doctor. She is very unhappy. She says, “I ordered your new glasses, but I made a big mistake. I asked the company to make your new glasses but the order was the same as your old glasses. So , there was no change. I am very sorry. I have ordered new glasses for you and of course, you will not pay anything.”

Andy is a very calm person. He says, “It’s OK. Don’t worry.”

The eye doctor says, “Didn’t you think it was strange when your ‘new’ glasses were the same as the old ones?”

Andy laughs. “I didn’t feel sick! I didn’t feel strange! I didn’t have a headache!. I thought ‘my eye doctor did a very good job!'”

[Easy English Blog] Coffee

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Do you drink coffee? How many cups do you drink a day?

I love coffee. I always drink it in the morning. It wakes me up. I can focus on my work better if I have coffee. When I worked as an English teacher, I used to drink five or six cups a day. I needed energy to teach, and I got that energy from coffee (and chocolate!) 🙂

Now, I drink around two cups a day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I spend most days sitting at my computer in my office. I start to feel sleepy in the afternoons, so I drink coffee then to wake me up.

Some people can drink coffee at night and still sleep well. I can’t drink coffee after 7:00 in the evening. If I do, I find it difficult to get to sleep. If I go out to a coffee shop at night with my friends, I drink hot chocolate or herb tea.

I usually make coffee in my coffee maker. I prefer hot coffee to iced coffee. Actually, the first time I drank iced coffee was when I came to Japan. I had never had iced coffee in the UK. Maybe things have changed now, but 20 years ago, iced coffee wasn’t on any menus in coffee shops.

In summer, I drink coffee which comes in a plastic bottle. I mix it with milk. It is cool and refreshing. Now that it is getting colder, I drink hot coffee more. It warms me up in the morning and keeps me awake!

By Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press


Miles away

Do you know the English expression “to be miles away“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning?

James: Are you OK? You look like you are miles away. You really should get some work done.

Dennis: Yeah, I’m OK. I was just thinking of my vacation, that’s all.

Does it mean:

a) to be daydreaming about something

b) to look upset

c) to be sad

d) to be sleeping

The answer is below!↓

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Answer: a) to be daydreaming about something

[Short Story] The Elephant

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It was Friday afternoon and Mrs Watkins was tired. It was a hot day and her feet hurt. I like teaching children, she thought. But maybe I am too old for this. I don’t have so much energy.

The children in Mrs Watkin’s class were six years old. There were thirty children in the class. Mostly they were very good students. But that Friday, Mrs Watkins had problems. On Fridays the children had an art class.

There was no green paint in the store cupboard. Mrs Watkins did not know why. Maybe another teacher borrowed it. All the children asked for green paint. They wanted to paint pictures of trees and frogs and crocodiles.

Melanie spilt paint over Andrew’s painting. Andrew shouted and Melanie cried.

Micky painted his friend Pete’s face red. The two boys thought it was very funny. Mrs Watkins did not think it was funny because it took her a long time to clean Pete’s face.

After a while, Mrs Watkins decided to end the art class. “We are stopping now,” she said. “We will clean the classroom and then we will have quiet reading time.”

The children sat down with their reading books. Peace at last, thought Mrs Watkins.

Then Sandra started crying and shouting. “I feel sick! I have a pain.”

“I’ll take you to the school nurse,” said Mrs Watkins. “Everyone be quiet and read while I am gone.”

Mrs Watkins took Sandra to the school nurse and hurried back to her classroom. She could hear the children shouting. She was very angry. She opened the door. All the children were standing at the windows laughing and shouting.

“Sit down!” she said loudly. “Sit down now. I told you to read quietly.”

“But Mrs Watkins! Mrs Watkins!” The children were very excited.

“No! I am not going to listen to you. Sit down now!”

The children went back to their seats. Then Micky raised his hand. “What do you want Micky?” asked Mrs Watkins.

“There’s an elephant in the playground.”

“Don’t be so silly” said Mrs Watkins. “There is not an elephant in the playground.”

“Yes there is! There is!” shouted the children.

“Stop this now!” Mrs Watkins went across to the windows. I’ll close the curtains, she thought. That will calm the children down.

She stopped and stared. There was a very large elephant eating leaves from a tree in the playground.

Am I going mad? she thought. No, I’m not. The children can see it too.

Mrs Watkins felt bad. “Children. Come to the windows,” she said. “We can look at the elephant.”

As the children and Mrs Watkins watched the elephant, a large truck came into the playground. It was painted red and yellow. On the side of the truck, was written ‘Marvelo’s Circus.’

Men jumped out of the truck and ran towards the elephant. Very soon the elephant was walking towards the truck.

Mrs Watkins turned to the children. “Well that was exciting, wasn’t it? Now go back to your seats, please.”

She stopped. “Where is Micky?”

She found Micky in the store cupboard. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“I am looking for grey paint. Next art class we will all want to paint a picture of the elephant.”

Out of the blue

Do you know the English expression “out of the blue“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning?

Helen: Did you hear the news? Sally and Paul had a baby!

Felicity: Well, that was out of the blue! I didn’t even know Sally was pregnant!

Does it mean:

a) bad news

b) good news

c) sudden and unexpected

d) expected

The answer is below!↓

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Answer: c) sudden and unexpected