[New Graded Reader] Around Town

Our new level 1 graded reader Around Town is now available!

Glasstown is a small town in the north of England. Read five stories about life in Glasstown.

Terry owns a restaurant. Tonight he plans to cook a meal for some very important people. But he has a big problem in the kitchen! Will anyone help him?

Fred is 81 years old. Every Thursday, he goes shopping and to the library. One Thursday there is a big crisis in the library. Is the trouble connected to Fred?

Dave owns a jewellery shop. When robbers come to his shop, he is lucky. A famous local customer helps to save Dave and the jewellery.

Enjoy these stories and two more from Glasstown!


[New Graded Reader] Travellers’ Tales

Our new level 3 graded reader “Travellers’ Tales” is now available!

   Travelling is exciting. We can see new places, try new food, and meet new people. But sometimes, unexpected things happen.
   There are five stories about travelling in this book. Fernanda is travelling in the UK. She has a bad experience with a bus company, but luckily someone helps her, and she makes some new friends.
   Justin is backpacking around Japan. He is lonely, but one night in Kyoto, an unexpected meeting changes his life.
   Laura and Greg are enjoying their honeymoon in Italy, when an unlucky encounter means they lose their bags and all their money. Will they be able to solve their problems? Can they find someone to help them?
   Enjoy these stories and two more in Travellers’ Tales!

Christmas books

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