[Easy English Blog] New Year parties

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In Japan, many workplaces and groups have end of year parties. I usually miss these because I go back to the UK in mid-December. So when I come back to Japan, in January, I often attend New Year parties.

I went to a New Year party the other week. It was at my friend’s restaurant. My friends and I had a good time eating and drinking. We talked about our goals for the year. This seems to be a common topic at New Year parties. Everyone is enthusiastic and positive, and the atmosphere is good.

I like going to New Year parties. They give me energy and motivation. This year, at the party, we talked about fitness goals. Most of us want to exercise more. I feel like we say this every year. I want to run more, and exercise every morning before I start work. One of my friends is going to join a gym. Another friend wants to do yoga. I hope we can keep to our goals this year.

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[Easy English Blog] First run of 2019

I went running a few days ago. It was my first run of 2019. It was very tiring! I ran my usual distance of 10km. I think I ate too much over Christmas and New Year, and I put on weight. That’s why I found the run tiring. Also I hadn’t run for about three weeks. I need to get back into the habit.

Luckily, the weather was beautiful. Even though it is winter, it was not too cold, and it was sunny. There was no wind. There were many people out enjoying the sunshine. Some were running, and some were walking. A few people were walking their dogs. I hope this mild weather continues. I want to go out running at least once a week. If it snows like it did last year, I won’t be able to.

This year, I hope to increase the distance I run. I always run 10km. I think it is time to try 15km and 20km. I’ll do my best! Here are some photos I took from my run the other day. Isn’t the weather nice?



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[Easy English Blog] Trip to Amsterdam

I went to Amsterdam for a few days at the end of last year. It was my third time to visit Amsterdam. The first time I visited, I just stayed for one night on a stopover from Japan to the UK. The second time I visited, I stayed for New Year’s Eve. The city was very lively at night! This time, I returned to Japan on 31st December, so I missed the celebrations.

I usually go to Paris at the end of the year, but last year, it was very expensive to go to Paris. The price was almost double that of Amsterdam. I don’t know why. The price changes every year. My hotel in Amsterdam was expensive too. It was a 2 star hotel, but it was the same price as the 5 star hotel I stayed in 8 years ago!

I had a cold when I was in Amsterdam, so I didn’t feel like doing much sightseeing. I only took a few photographs this year. Here are some of them.




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[Easy English Blog] Cooking for guests

lunch table

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We have many guests. I like to cook for friends. Some of our friends have special food requirements.  They don’t eat meat. They don’t eat fish. They don’t eat meat or fish. It is always OK for me. I have a lot of ideas about what I can cook for them. But sometimes with a big party, I have to cook many different things. Some meat, some fish, some food with cheese or yoghurt or eggs or milk. Then vegans do not eat any animal products. This is OK too, but sometimes there is not enough room on the table for all the different kinds of food.

[Easy English Blog] Weeds

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I would like to be working in my garden, but the days are very hot. I have a plan to go out into the garden very early in the morning. There are so many weeds! What is a weed? Sometimes I wonder. A few plants I like, and keep in my garden, other people would say were weeds. I think a weed is just a plant in the wrong place. Or a plant you don’t like.

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[Easy English Blog] Birds

gray small bird on green leaves

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My computer is on a table. Behind the table is a window. This is a good thing, and a bad thing! Sometimes I do not work, because I am looking out the window. I have lived in cities, and there were no birds. These days I live about 5km from a small city.  There are many birds in our garden. I didn’t work this morning because I could see a bird outside my window. The bird was collecting materials to make a nest. I don’t know where the nest is. But I guess, sometime, there will be baby birds in our garden.

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[Easy English Blog] Problem in a restaurant

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Sometimes we go to a restaurant and the service is very bad. Recently, this happened to me, and my friends. We met at a restaurant. There were six people. Five plates came to our table. One meal was not served.

We waited for ten minutes. We asked about the missing order. After ten minutes the waitress came back. ‘Oh, sorry,’ she said.  ‘We forgot about the other order.’

This was difficult. In our culture, everyone waits until all the food is on the table. It is rude to start eating before other people. So everyone’s food was cold, and one person didn’t have a meal at all!

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