[Easy English Blog] Year end/New Year

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on Pexels.com

Today (28th December) is the last working day of the year in Japan. Of course, many people will work over the year end/New Year period, but today, many people will finish. Work starts again on 4th January next year.

Many people will travel home to see their families over the holiday period. They will also go to temples or shrines to pray for health and happiness in the New Year. I will stay in my town. My friend will visit me. We will go to a shrine on 1st January and a temple on 2nd January. I want to buy some lucky charms for next year.

I also want to go running over the holiday period. The gym I go to closes on Friday 30th December, and reopens on 4th January. So, I am going to go tomorrow, and then if the weather is fine, I am going to go running on Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I will start going to the gym again on Wednesday.

Many people will hang New Year decorations up in their homes, and eat rice cake. They will enjoy relaxing with their families, watching TV and eating New Year dishes. I hope everyone has a happy and peaceful time.

By Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press