Do you know the adjective “gigantic“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning?

Pat: Have you seen that spider in the bathroom?

Mike: Yes, it’s gigantic. I don’t know how we are going to get rid of it.

Does it mean:

a) small

b) medium-sized

c) tiny

d) very big

The answer is below! ↓

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Answer: d) very big

[Short Story] Socks


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Pedro works as a waiter in a big hotel. He starts work at 6:00am because the hotel serves breakfast from 6:30am to 9:00am. One night Pedro takes his laundry to the laundromat. He washes and dries his clothes. He carries the basket of clean clothes back to his small apartment. He is very tired.

I won’t put my clothes away tonight, he thinks. I will do it tomorrow.

He puts his smartphone to on charge and goes to bed.

During the night there is a big storm. The wind damages the power lines. Pedro doesn’t hear anything. He is sleeping. In the morning he wakes up. The room is very dark.

What time is it? he thinks.

He looks for his clock alarm but he can’t see it. The display has disappeared.

Oh, there is no electricity! What time is it? My alarm didn’t go off. I might be late!

He jumps out of bed and finds his way to his table. He can’t see in the dark so he uses his hands to find his phone.

I can get the time from my phone, he thinks. But his phone has no charge. Oh no! There has been no electricity for hours. I must go to work! I must hurry!

Pedro falls over the basket in the corner of his room. He finds socks and underwear and his waiter’s uniform. There is no hot water so he can’t have a shower. But there is some charge in his shaver so he can shave and wash in cold water. He still doesn’t know what the time is so he hurries to get dressed. He puts his wallet and keys in his pocket and runs to the bus stop. At the bus stop he speaks to another man waiting for the bus.

“Excuse me, Sir. What time is it?”

The man looks at his smartphone. “It’s 5:30am,” he says.

“Thank you,” says Pedro.

I’m lucky, he thinks. I have enough time to get to work. I will not be late.

When Pedro is sitting on the bus he remembers he didn’t shine his shoes. He looks down at his feet. His shoes are OK but Pedro sees his socks!

I am wearing one black sock and one red sock! I couldn’t see in the dark. Everyone will think I am crazy. Or maybe no one will notice.

At first there are no lights in any of the buildings or apartment blocks, but as the bus gets closer to the hotel everything looks normal.

It is only in my area that there is no electricity, thinks Pedro. I hope they have fixed the problem before I go home. I didn’t even have a cup of coffee this morning.

Pedro gets off the bus near the hotel.  He waits to cross the busy road. There is an older woman standing next to him. She is very smartly dressed. She looks at him and smiles.

I wonder why she is out so early? She doesn’t look like a worker, thinks Pedro. I think she smiled because she saw my socks!

Suddenly the woman falls down. Pedro tries to help her. She seems very ill. She cannot speak. He calls out.

“Please someone, call an ambulance! She is ill!”

Many people come to help, but Pedro stays next to her. He is worried someone might take the woman’s bag.  He picks it up and holds it. He waits until the ambulance comes. He gives her bag to the ambulance driver.

“This belongs to her. Please make sure it is safe and she gets it when she wakes up,” he says.

Then he hurries to work.

The other waiters see Pedro’s sock. They laugh at him. They make many jokes. Pedro feels bad, but he can’t say anything because it is true. He is wearing one black sock and one red sock. The restaurant manager is angry. “You look very strange. Don’t make such a mistake again.”

Two weeks later Pedro is busy serving customers. The restaurant manager comes up to him. “Come with me now.”

Pedro is worried. Am I going to lose my job?

The manager takes Pedro to the guest lounge. “You have a visitor,” he says. There is a woman sitting in the guest lounge. It is the woman who fell down in the street.

“This is Mrs Van Velden,” says the manager. “Her son owns this hotel. She wants to talk you.” The manager goes away.

“Please sit down,” says Mrs Van Velden.

Pedro sits down. Mrs Van Velden smiles at him.

“Two weeks ago, there was a bad storm,” she says. “I couldn’t sleep. And then there was no electricity in my part of town. I was cold and hungry. So I decided to come here to my son’s hotel to have breakfast. But you know I felt very ill and fell down in the street. You were very kind to me. You looked after my bag. You are a very kind young man.”

“No! No!” says Pedro. “I didn’t do anything special. You don’t need to thank me.”

“I want to thank you,” says Mrs Van Veden. “I want to give you a little present.”

She takes an envelope out of her bag and gives it to Pedro. Pedro doesn’t want to take it, but Mrs Van Velden says, “Take it! Open it.”

Pedro takes the envelope and opens it. There is a lot of money inside.

Oh, I can send this to my mother, thinks Pedro.

Thank you very much!” he says. “But how did you find me?”

Mrs Van Velden laughs. “That was very easy. I saw your uniform so I knew you worked in this hotel. So I just asked who was wearing one red sock and one black sock that day!”




[Easy English Blog] Magazines

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Do you buy magazines? Which ones?

I haven’t bought a magazine for years. This is because I get all the information I want and need from the Internet. Also, many magazines have Internet versions, so if I want to read a story, I can usually find it online.

When I was younger, I loved magazines. There was a pop music magazine in the UK called Smash Hits. It came out twice a month. I used to look forward to it coming out and I would go to the newsagents (newspaper and magazine shop) to buy it. I was also interested in Formula 1 racing, so I bought many car magazines.

When I was studying Japanese, I bought Japanese magazines for reading practice. I used to buy Nikkei magazines like Nikkei Woman and Nikkei Business. They were useful for building vocabulary. I also bought a monthly magazine called Nihongo Journal. This was a magazine for learners of Japanese. It had a CD, which I often listened to while I was on the train, or when I was going to sleep. Sometimes I listened to it overnight as I slept. I think I still have the CDs somewhere in my house!

I wonder what will happen to magazines in the future. More and more people are getting their information from the Internet and digital publications. Maybe the day will come when physical magazines don’t exist. What do you think?



Do you know the adjective “deafening“? Read the conversation below. Can you guess the meaning?

Alison: The noise from the party next door is deafening!

Robin: I know. I can’t study here. Let’s go to the library.

Does it mean:

a) very quiet

b) very soft

c) very loud

d) dangerous

The answer is below!↓

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Answer: c) very loud

[Easy English Blog] Apartments

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Recently I have noticed that there are many new apartment blocks being built in my city. There are already many apartment blocks, so I wonder, do we really need more? Do people prefer to live in an apartment rather than a house? I do, because there are fewer insects high up in apartment buildings! I used to live in an old traditional Japanese house. I often saw spiders and other insects. It was very frightening!

The face of the city is changing. When I first moved here, there were not so many high apartment blocks. Now we can see them everywhere. I wonder what the city will look like when the new apartment blocks have been built. Also, will even more be built? What will the city look like in 20 years’ time? Will there be even more apartments?

The city I live in is a castle town. It has a castle and a beautiful area of old samurai houses. The streets around that area are very traditional. There is also a large lake and mountains around the city. I hope the city can keep its traditional and beautiful scenery, even if many apartment blocks are built.


Do you know the noun “mortgage“? Read the coversation below. Can you guess the meaning?

Lucy: Have you got your new house yet?

Felicity: We are still talking to the bank about getting a mortgage.

Does it mean:

a) a loan to buy a house

b) a car

c) an apartment

d) a million dollars

The answer is below!↓

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Answer: a) a loan to buy a house

[Easy English Blog] A cold :(

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I think I’m getting a cold. I have a blocked nose and my throat hurts. It started very suddenly. I was fine in the morning, then in the afternoon I started sneezing. I hate being sick. When I have a cold, I want to sleep until I get better. Unfortunately, I can’t do that, because I have to work. So, I will take some medicine and carry on.

I think I’m lucky, though, because this is my first cold of the year. I haven’t had a cold since last December, which was 11 months ago. I thought I would get a cold though, because everyone around me has had one recently.

Do you know any home remedies for colds?  A home remedy is a treatment for an illness, but the treatment is not medicine. It is like a traditional treatment. A long time ago, someone told me her family’s home remedy for colds. She said that if she caught a cold, she drank cocoa with hot milk and brandy. I have tried this home remedy. It doesn’t get rid of my cold, but it makes me feel warm and comfortable. Maybe I will drink some tonight, and then go to bed early. I hope I feel better soon.