[Easy English Blog] Time Flies


Recently, I have been hearing these phrases a lot.  “Time flies!” “It’s already December!” “It’s nearly the end of the year!” “Where has the year gone?!” People are starting to plan and attend bonenkai (bonenkai 忘年会 = end-of-year party in Japanese).


Every year, it seems like time passes by faster than the year before. Many people here say that spring and autumn are getting shorter, and summer and winter are getting longer every year. I think they are right. I felt that time in August passed by very slowly. August, and it’s heat and humidity, seemed to last forever!



Then, in early October, when it started to get cooler, time started to fly by. (fly by=pass by very quickly) And now that it is starting to get colder, I think time will start to slow down again.


I went for a walk to enjoy the last of the autumn leaves this morning. I hope you enjoy the photographs. It won’t be long before these trees are bare, and the branches heavy with snow…