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bunch of white oval medication tablets and white medication capsules

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Do you take any supplements? I take iron supplements and a multi-vitamin supplement once a day. Some people say there are no benefits to taking supplements. Others say they are good for your health.

I’m not sure if they are good or not. However, I think the iron supplement is good for me. I feel a lot better when I take it. When I don’t take it, I get tired very quickly and have little energy. I have low iron levels in my blood, so a doctor recommended I take an iron supplement.

The multi-vitamin I take contains eleven kinds of vitamins. Is this supplement good for me? Or is it a waste of money? I’m not sure, but I take it anyway. It contains a lot of vitamin D. I don’t think I get enough vitamin D because I spend a lot of my time inside, and the area where I live is often dark and gloomy, especially in winter.

There are many kinds of health products available these days. I prefer to eat well and get nutrients from food, but this isn’t always possible. Also, there are some kinds of food which I don’t eat. I’ll continue taking my supplements, even though I’m not completely convinced that they are effective!

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