[Easy English Blog] Christmas decorations

brown beside fireplace near brown wicker basket

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Do you usually have a Christmas tree? For many years, I decorated a tree. I tried hard to have a real tree, but sometimes it was too difficult and I used an artificial tree. These days I don’t have a Christmas tree. Our house is small and there is nowhere to put a tree. But I still decorate the house. I like to put shiny balls of different colours in glass bowls. I think they look very pretty.

I always decorate the mantelpiece and fireplaces. Of course, it is summer here so we do not have fires but I put pine cones, shiny balls and foliage in one fireplace and flowers in the other. I decorate the mantelpieces too – with pine branches and  artificial berries and lights. (This picture is not from my house!)

Patricia @ I Talk You Talk Press