[Short Story]Marcus and the Boss

photography of airplane during sunrise

Photo by Anugrah Lohiya on Pexels.com

It’s Friday afternoon. Marcus is sitting in the airport lounge. He is waiting for his girlfriend to arrive from Sydney. Marcus feels bad. He works in a department store. Fridays are always very busy. But he wanted to be at the airport when his girlfriend arrived.

On Friday morning, Marcus said to his boss, “I have a terrible toothache. I must go to the dentist.”

His boss was angry. “But it’s Friday! We are always very busy on Fridays. And today is very difficult. My grandmother died. I cannot be here this afternoon!”

Marcus said, “But I cannot talk to customers. The pain is very bad. I must go.”

Marcus wants to meet his girlfriend, but he feels very bad. I said something that was not true, he thinks. I don’t have a toothache. It will be very difficult for my co-workers this afternoon. I am not at work. My boss is not at work. His grandmother is dead. My boss must be very sad.  I am not a nice person.

Then Marcus sees his boss! His boss looks very happy. His boss is wearing vacation clothes! He is wearing shorts. He is wearing a shirt with a pattern of pink flamingos and palm trees. He is walking towards the counter that has a sign ‘Wonderful weekend vacations on a beach in the Pacific’.

Oh, thinks Marcus. My boss does not have a dead grandmother! He is having a three- day weekend vacation!

Marcus does not feel so bad. I did a bad thing, he thinks. I said my tooth was very painful. But my boss said his grandmother died. On Monday, I will say to my Boss, ’I like your flamingo shirt!’ He can never say anything to me because I will tell our co-workers that his grandmother did not die! Maybe I can have many more free days. My girlfriend will be very pleased.