[Easy English Blog] Reading goals

brown book page

Photo by Wendy van Zyl on Pexels.com

I’ve been thinking about my goals for next year. One of them is to read more books. In particular, I would like to read more Japanese books.

Although I read Japanese every day in my job, and I read Japanese newspapers, I think I should read more. Especially fiction. I have only read three Japanese novels this year. When I read novels, I forget that I am reading, and I enter the world of the book. So when I read in Japanese, I don’t feel like I am studying. I am just absorbing the langauge and the language patterns as I participate in the fictional world.

I usually read books by Matsumoto Seicho, but next year, I’d like to try some different authors. I would like to read something by Naoya Shiga. I would also like to read more books by Yukio Mishima. I have only read two or three of his books, and I enjoyed them (although they were a little difficult). I think I should also read some contemporary novelists too.

Maybe I will start going to the library again. I haven’t been there for many years. It will be cheaper than the book shop!

I wonder, how many books can I read next year? I guess that will depend on how busy I am with work. But I will try to read one in English, then one in Japanese, then one in English, then one in Japanese… I wonder if I can do it?