[Easy English Blog] Reading goals

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I’ve been thinking about my goals for next year. One of them is to read more books. In particular, I would like to read more Japanese books.

Although I read Japanese every day in my job, and I read Japanese newspapers, I think I should read more. Especially fiction. I have only read three Japanese novels this year. When I read novels, I forget that I am reading, and I enter the world of the book. So when I read in Japanese, I don’t feel like I am studying. I am just absorbing the langauge and the language patterns as I participate in the fictional world.

I usually read books by Matsumoto Seicho, but next year, I’d like to try some different authors. I would like to read something by Naoya Shiga. I would also like to read more books by Yukio Mishima. I have only read two or three of his books, and I enjoyed them (although they were a little difficult). I think I should also read some contemporary novelists too.

Maybe I will start going to the library again. I haven’t been there for many years. It will be cheaper than the book shop!

I wonder, how many books can I read next year? I guess that will depend on how busy I am with work. But I will try to read one in English, then one in Japanese, then one in English, then one in Japanese… I wonder if I can do it?

[Easy English Blog] Studying while driving

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I don’t think studying a language while driving is a good idea. I am learning Russian, but I don’t have so much time to study every day. So, I decided to use my driving time to study. I have started listening to the CDs from my textbook while I am driving.

Usually, I listen to English music CDs or Japanese radio while I am driving. I understand both languages, so it doesn’t cause any problems.

However…when I listen to my Russian CDs, I start thinking things like:

“What did she just say?”

“Is that how you pronounce XXX? I’ve been pronouncing it wrong.”

“I didn’t catch that. I must listen to it again.”

“Ah! That conversation was the one on page 10 of my texbook!”

“Oh! That sounds different from what I expected!”

And so on….

This is not good. It takes my attention away from the road. I think I will stop studying while driving, for everyone’s safety!