[Short Story] Young people today

light cars traffic bus

Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

Mrs Bateman is sitting on the bus. There are many people on the bus. They are mostly students. They are laughing and shouting.

Mrs Bateman is tired. She is in a very bad mood.

Look at these young people, she thinks. They are noisy. Their clothes are terrible.

She looks at the young woman sitting next to her. The young woman has pink hair. She is wearing jeans and big black boots. Her T-shirt is very short and tight. She has a ring in her nose and many earrings in her ears. The young woman smiles at her. Mrs Bateman looks away.

Her parents must be so ashamed, she thinks. I am sure she is lazy and rude. Young people today are not polite. When we were young, we were polite and well-dressed.

She looks at another young person. This boy has shaved his head. He has many tattoos. He even has tattoos on his head. And that boy! I am sure he is some kind of criminal!

The bus stops. An old man climbs onto the bus. He asks for a ticket. The bus driver says, “Three dollars, please.”

The old man takes out his wallet. He looks in his wallet. “Oh, I don’t have enough money.”

“Then get off the bus,” says the driver. “If you can’t pay, you can’t ride on the bus.”

The old man turns to get off the bus.

“Excuse me,” says the young woman with the pink hair. She stands up and goes to the front of the bus. “I will pay for you,” she says to the old man. She gives $3 to the driver.

“Thank you,” says the old man.

“No trouble,” says the young woman. She goes back to her seat next to Mrs Bateman.

The old man moves along the bus. He is looking for somewhere to sit, but the bus is full.

“Here, Grandad,” says the boy with the tattooed head. He stands up. “Have my seat.”

Well, thinks Mrs Bateman. I have a lot to think about. Young people today look very different, but they are kind.

She smiles at the young woman with the pink hair.

“Your parents should be very proud of you,” she says.