[Easy English Blog] Bottle Sock


I like green tea very much, so I often buy plastic bottles of it. Sometimes, the bottles I buy come with a free gift.

Usually, the free gifts are key rings, or other small things made of plastic. The other day, I was surprised to see that the gift wasn’t made of plastic. It was like cloth. I opened it, and was even more surprised to see that it was a sock!

My first thought was, “Why have they given me a sock? Why only one?”

Then I realised. It was a sock for the bottle!


The tea is stored in the fridge in the convenience store, so when it starts to warm up at room temperature, it gets wet. The sock keeps your hands dry while you drink it.

I don’t know if I’ll get into the habit of using the sock bottle regularly (probably not), but it’s a nice idea. 🙂