[Easy English Blog] Broccoli stalks

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The Best  Part of Broccoli

We know that broccoli is good for us.  I also read that raw (uncooked) broccoli is better for health than cooked broccoli.

That’s good news for me. I don’t like cooked broccoli heads. If I eat the green heads of broccoli, I like them to be uncooked. In a salad maybe. Or with a nice dipping sauce.


I don’t like cooked broccoli heads but I love to cook broccoli stalks.

Do you cut the stalks off broccoli before you cook the heads? You are missing an amazing taste sensation.


Broccoli stalks are amazing!

You cut off the heads and use them however you like. (If you are me, you eat them raw). Then you peel the stalks and cook them.

Broccoli stalks are great in stir fries or steamed vegetables. Cut them sideways so you have round shapes. Or cut them into sticks. It doesn’t matter.

They are tasty and crispy. They taste better than asparagus. Why not try and add them to your favourite vegetable recipe?

Or, save the stalks and look at your recipes for asparagus. You could use the stalks  instead of asparagus. They are cheaper, crunchier, (and I think), nicer.

Or you could try them raw with a dip. I ate them with an avocado and onion dip. Very tasty!


Do you use broccoli stalks? How do you use them?

Try it and tell us what you think!