[Easy English Blog] Taking language tests

Some of my Chinese books!

I love taking language tests! In June, I took a French test. I took level 3 of the Japanese French exam. Level 3 is quite easy, and I passed.

Two days ago, I took a Chinese tests. I took HSK3. The level is lower intermediate. I didn’t understand some of the questions, but I think I did OK. I will get the results in mid-October.

I enjoy taking language tests for a few reasons. The first reason is motivation. If I have a goal, I study more. If I don’t have a goal, I don’t study as much. The second reason is that I can understand my level. The third reason is that I feel great when I take a test and pass!

Now, I am studying for the Chinese HSK4 exam in April, and the 2nd grade French exam in June. When I have passed those exams, I am going to add another language. Maybe Russian!

By Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press