[Easy English Blog] Spring is here!

Spring is here! The other day, it was very sunny and warm, so I went for a run along the lake. The sky and water were deep blue. There was a gentle, slightly chilly breeze, but I warmed up as I ran. It was late afternoon and it was a weekday, so there were no other runners about. I ran 10km. I felt tired, but happy when I finished. Running is good for our body and mind. I try to go out running two or three times a week. It depends how busy I am at work. I’d like to go out more often, but I don’t have time. Some of my friends go running every morning at around 5 or 6am. I study languages from 6am to 8am, and then do some exercise at home. When the weather gets nicer, I might start going running in the morning. The lake at sunrise is beautiful.

By Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press