[Easy English Blog] COVID19

How is the COVID19 situation in your town or city? Here, in rural Japan, it is not so bad. We have had about 200 cases in total in our city. Tokyo has had a lot of cases, but here, there are few people, so the numbers are not very high.

Even so, we take precautions when we go out. We wear masks, and disinfect our hands when we go into shops or other places. There is disinfectant at the entrance of most public places.

Some countries and cities have had a “lockdown”, and people’s movements are restricted. We haven’t had a lockdown in our city. People are living their lives as normal. I went to a cafe for lunch yesterday, and it was full. Some people are avoiding going out at night though. I haven’t been out at night for a long time. We have also been told not to make unnecessary trips to other prefectures. I am looking forward to the day when the world gets back to normal.

By Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press