Birthdays to Remember

This page is about the Level 4 graded reader Birthdays to Remember from I Talk You Talk Press.

Four of the stories are based on true events. These are the stories.

1. August 16 1977

The author of this story has a fall, climbed out of the Valle del Bove on Mount Etna, and met the young Italian people. The young people said that Elvis Presley had died.

2. Milly and her mother-in-law

Everyone knows that it is sometimes difficult to keep your husband’s family happy. This story combines a lot of memories from different people about mother-in-laws, family celebrations and bad weather.

3. I want to eat crab

The author of this story remembers a young Chinese mother in a new city, in a new country. She was wearing a party dress. She was eating crab in a fish restaurant. Her husband was away, and her children were very naughty.

4. A very quiet meal

This story is based on the memory of an American friend. She never forgot her first meal in Japan or how good the food tasted!