[Easy English Blog] Too many feijoas

Today’s Easy English Blog is from Patricia in New Zealand!

Do you know what feijoas are? Another name for feijoa is ‘pineapple guava’.

Feijoas are a fruit. They come from South America.  In about 1900 they were grown in California and then about 100 years ago people started growing them in NZ.

They grow well in most parts of NZ. There are many feijoa trees in gardens in NZ. I have two. They are very pretty –I like the leaves and the flowers. In April, the fruit is ready to eat.  It is an unusual fruit. It has a unique tatste. Some people love feijoas and some people think they taste very bad.

This year I had many feijoas on my trees. They are all ready to eat at the same time – there are too many for me to eat. I tried to give some away – but the people near my house didn’t want them! There were two reasons.

Some neighbours don’t like them. Some neighbours have their own feijoa trees so they have too many to eat  – they want to give some to me.

I don’t like to waste food so I have frozen a lot of fruit. They make great cakes,and muffins and my neighbour told me she has a good recipe for making feijoa ice cream. So I will have many sweet treats from my freezer later in the year.