[Easy English Blog]Do I love nature or do I hate it?

gray small bird on green leaves

Photo by daniyal ghanavati on Pexels.com

Today’s Easy English Blog is from Patricia in New Zealand.

At lunchtime today we heard the sounds of birds behind the house. When we looked out the windows we saw two adult California quails – a male and a female. They were looking after ten baby birds. The babies were sitting on the edge of the vegetable garden with their mother. The male bird was on top of the fence watching out for danger. I thought – This is so cute! I love the nature in our garden.

Our vegetable garden is on a hill behind our house. Just now I walked up the steps to our garden. I wanted a lettuce for our evening meal and some radishes.

At the top of the steps there is an old tree. When I walked past the old tree I saw a wasp – it was flying into the tree. When I came back with the lettuce and radishes I saw more wasps flying in and out of the old tree. Some wasps have made a nest in this old tree – do you know about wasps? They are like hornets. They are not so big and maybe not so dangerous – but there are many many more wasps than hornets! I thought – I hate wasps. Wasps sting people.Some people are allergic to wasp stings. It is very dangerous for them. And wasps attack honey bees. Honey bees are good. We all like honey. So I thought – Do I love or hate nature today?

By Patricia @ I Talk You Talk Press