[Easy English Blog] Secret Santa

santa clause figurine

Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

Do you know about Secret Santa?

Many offices and factories play “Secret Santa” before Christmas. All the workers in the office or factory write their names on a piece of paper. Then, they put the names into a box. Each person takes a piece of paper. They have to buy a present for that person. They wrap the present, and on the day of the Christmas party, they take the present to the office or factory. So, everyone gets one present.

You can read a story about a factory Christmas party and Secret Santa in one of our books. The book is called Christmas Tales.

My family loves buying presents. But families get bigger. People get married and have children – the family grows and grows. It is difficult to think of a present for everyone.

This year, all the small children got a present from everyone, but the adults played Secret Santa. So the adults got just one present from another member of the family.

By Patricia @ I Talk You Talk Press