[Easy English Blog] Where are the Kereru?


New Zealand worries about its native birds. So many, very special birds were lost because people from other countries came to NZ and brought dogs, rats, pigs, cats and other animals that attack birds.

Every year, at the end of September, there is a kereru count. These are large, crazy, fun birds.  Everyone is asked to look around their house, their garden or their farm. Everyone is asked to record the number of kereru they see, on a special site on the Internet.

We always look for kereru around this time.

Last year, there were many kereru in our garden the week before the count. There were many kereru in our garden the week after the count. But we didn’t see one kereru during count week!

I thought they are crazy birds. But maybe they are smart. Maybe they don’t like being counted.

This year we have seen no kereru. I think there is a lot of food in the mountains, so the kereru are not coming down to gardens in the town. I hope so.

NZ has lost so many birds – I would be very sad if we lost these crazy fat, funny birds.

By Patricia @ I Talk You Talk Press