[Easy English Blog] The “I Like Meat” Bird

tilt shift photography of birds

Photo by 42 North on Pexels.com

A bird sings in our garden. The bird always sings at sunrise. Sometimes this bird sings all day. To be honest, it can drive us crazy. But, we have never seen this bird. We know the song of most birds in our garden. But this bird is a mystery.

The bird song is e♭, a♭, g♭ – e flat, a flat, g flat. When I hear it I think ‘I like meat’. Everyone says this is strange “Why do you think the bird is singing ‘I like meat’?” they ask.

Maybe the bird is singing ‘I like sun’ or ‘Come to me’. But the first time I heard it I thought ‘I like meat’, so this mystery bird will always have that name for me.

By Patricia @ I Talk You Talk Press