[Easy English Blog]Birds

flock of birds above a mountain

Photo by Emre Kuzu on Pexels.com

Every morning, around sunrise, I hear the birds start to sing in our garden.

Many different kinds of birds come to our garden. Of course we see sparrows, thrushes and blackbirds. You can see these birds in many countries.

But we also have different bird visitors. These birds visit our garden when there are good things for them to eat.  Outside our front door is a tree that has small black berries at some times of the year. Riroriro like these berries. Riroriro are very, very small birds, and they are hard to see, but I can hear them singing.

Other bigger birds come to the garden as well. We have kowhai trees in our garden and when the kowhai trees have flowers, we have many tuis flying about. I can hear them now. They are very cheeky, noisy birds.

Bigger birds come to our garden in summer. They are kereru. These birds always make me laugh. They do not fly well and they fly close to the ground. They are often fat. We can hear the sound of their wings but they do not sing.  They like the fruit of the kawakawa trees, but sometimes they eat so much, they fall off the trees and have to sit on the ground! They are not very smart birds but I like them!

By Patricia @ I Talk You Talk Press