[Easy English Blog]Wellington

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Photo by Gabriel Peter on Pexels.com

Have you ever been to Wellington in New Zealand? It is a beautiful city with a big harbour. Most of the houses are on the hills, and it has a cable car. Some people think that Wellington is a smaller version of San Francisco.

But there is one big difference between Wellington and San Francisco. Wellington is the world’s windiest city.

On average, every year there are 22 days when the wind speed is more than 74 km/hr (21m/s), and 173 days when the wind speed is more than 59 km/hr (16.4 m/s). Of course, the wind is often very much stronger than that.

It will not surprise you to read that the Wellington rugby team is called the Hurricanes.

All that wind! But it is not all bad. Wellington has no air pollution so it is really a very healthy place to live!

by Patricia @ I Talk You Talk Press