[Easy English Blog]Finding more study time

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I love studying languages, so I am trying to find more time to study. I want to study every day. I also want to exercise every day. So, I decided to combine the two, and exercise and study at the same time.

I have an exercise bike in my house. This is an indoor bike. (It is not the bike in the photo!) I try to use it for 30 minutes every day. While I am on the exercise bike, I read one of my textbooks. I learn new words or grammar. While I am studying, the time seems to pass really quickly.

I tried studying when I go running. I tried to listen to the audio for my textbooks instead of listening to music, but this didn’t work. I need music when I run. I am learning Chinese, so I should look for some Chinese music to listen to while I run.

There are many times in the day when I can study while doing something else. When I clean, I listen to the audio of my textbook or listening practice on YouTube. When I drive, I listen to the audio of my vocabulary book.

There is always more time to study. Studying and exercising together is a good combination for me. I feel healthy and I learn some new things!

By Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press