[Easy English Blog]Keeping a diary

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I decided to keep a diary in Chinese. When I study Chinese, I read, listen and speak it, but I rarely write it. Writing is important. On the HSK test, there are some writing questions, so I need to be able to write.

Also, writing is output. I need more output. I practice speaking with my teacher once a week, but this is not enough. I need to practice more. When I have my Chinese lesson, I ask my teacher to correct my mistakes, and then we talk about the content of my diary.

When I write in my diary, I use the grammar patterns I have studied. I try to use the vocabulary I have studied too. This helps me to remember words and phrases.

I don’t write in my diary every day. I usually write once or twice a week. I want to write more though. I will try to schedule more time into my days to write.

By Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press