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pile of books

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Every year, I read about twenty-four books. That is two a month, on average. I want to read more, but I have many things to do. This year, my plan was to read one English book, then one Japanese book, then one English book, then one Japanese book, and so on. This hasn’t happened. So far, I have read seventeen English books and only three Japanese books.

I think one reason is that I have an English Kindle. It is so easy to buy English books. I just click a button, and I have the book. I don’t have a Japanese kindle, so if I want to buy a book, I have to go to the bookstore or wait for the books to arrive by post. Now I’m thinking of getting a Japanese kindle. Maybe that will help me to read more Japanese books.

Another reason is that I read Japanese all day when I work. I translate from Japanese to English, so at night, when I am tired, I want to read something easy and light. And I want to read in English. Reading in English is important. I translate into English, so I have to keep my English writing level high. To do this, I need to read, write and use English.

I enjoy reading in both languages, but I think I should try to read more Japanese books next year. Actually, I should try to read more English books too.


By Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press