[Easy English Blog] Virtual summer holiday homework

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

During summer, I participated in #vana11. This is “virtual summer holiday homework”. On Twitter, the people participating in it set study goals for the summer holiday, and posted their progress each day.

My goals were

  1. Finish my Chinese language textbook (50 units)
  2. Finish my Chinese workbook (50 units)
  3. Read two novels in Japanese

Then I added daily Duolingo, Chinese grammar wiki, or daily Chinese listening to my goals.

I reached goal number 3. I read two novels by Matsumoto Seicho, my favourite Japanese author. They were really exciting.

I didn’t reach my goal of finishing by Chinese textbook, but I went from unit 21 to unit 44. I was pleased with this progress. With my workbook, it only arrived halfway through my studies, but I reached unit 19. I decided to finish my textbook first, and then use the workbook for reviewing the language in my textbook.

I managed to do Duolingo, Chinese grammar wiki, or Chinese listening every day.

I’m glad I participated in the virtual summer homework event. Every day, I saw other people’s study reports and it motivated me. It is also motivating to post your own study reports. I think I will continue doing this now that the summer homework has finished.


by Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press