[Easy English Blog]Fitting in study

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I am going to take the Chinese proficiency test HSK in September, so I have to study Chinese every day. Some days, I am so busy that it is difficult to fit in study. When I studied Japanese, I used to study for three hours every day after work. Now, my life has changed, and I don’t have that time any more.

So, I try to fit my study into my days in other ways. Every morning, I ride my exercise bike for 15 minutes. While I am riding, I read my Chinese textbook. I listen to YouTube videos while I am putting on my makeup and getting ready. I listen to the audio for my textbook in my car while I’m driving.

I write new words in a small notebook and carry it with me when I go out. If I am waiting somewhere, or waiting for someone, I take out the notebook and review the words.

It is not ideal, and I need to study more if I am to pass the test, but it is better than nothing. Still, I need to make more time in my life for serious study. I will try to do that this month!

Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press