[Easy English Blog]Package from home

person s holds brown gift box

Photo by Kim Stiver on Pexels.com

I received a package from home the other day. It was from my family. There was lots of chocolate inside! I love chocolate. Of course, Japanese chocolate is very delicious, but I miss chocolate from the UK.

When I get a package of chocolate, I tell myself I will eat only a little chocolate each day. But I always eat more. I know this is not good for my health. So, when I get a package of chocolate from home, I exercise more. Tomorrow, I’m going to run 20km because I ate so much chocolate today!

My family always sends me a package of chocolate around Easter time too. Easter is in April this year, so in April, I think I will go running very often! I also think I should go and see the dentist soon…

Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press