[Easy English Blog]Tax season

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It’s tax season again. I have to complete my tax return before the middle of March. I complete my tax return every year, but it is still difficult for me. I am not very good with numbers. Some of the calculations are difficult for me. This year, I am going to start early. I want to start completing the forms in the next few days, so I can do it slowly and carefully.

For the first few years, I asked a friend to help me, but then I realised I must learn to do it by myself. I can’t keep relying on my friend. It is my responsibility. I could ask a tax accountant to do it for me, but I think that is expensive. It doesn’t cost me anything to do it by myself. Well, it doesn’t cost me any money, but it takes time.

When I complete my tax return, I drink a lot of coffee. It keeps me alert. I need to be alert to do the calculations! I’m glad that I only have to do it once a year!

Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press