[Easy English Blog]Secret dog

black and brown short haired puppy in cup

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I want a dog. My family have always had dogs. When I lived in the UK, I loved taking the dogs for walks, and playing with them. For me, dogs are part of the family.

I have lived in many different apartments and houses in Japan. None of the apartments have allowed dogs. So I have never been able to keep one.

The apartment I live in now doesn’t allow dogs, but one man keeps a dog. He has a secret dog. When he goes out of the apartment, he puts the dog under his coat, so no one can see it. The dog is small, so it fits under his coat easily. Then, when he is about 100 metres from the apartment, he puts the dog on the ground and takes it for a walk. I have seen him do this a few times.

Once, I stopped the man and asked him, “Do you keep this dog in the apartment?” He said, “Yes”. The dog is really cute and seems happy. I never hear it bark in the apartment and it never causes me trouble. But I wonder, “Has the apartment manager seen the man with the dog?” “Will other people complain?” “Is it OK to keep a dog even though we are not allowed to keep pets?”

I am sure other people in the apartment have seen the man with his secret dog. I wonder, “How long can he keep his secret?”

Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press