[Easy English Blog] Energy in autumn and winter

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When do you have the most energy? I have the most energy in autumn and winter. Many people feel their energy increases in spring. The long, cold winter is over, and everything feels new and fresh. I don’t feel like this in spring. I feel sleepy. The weather is getting warmer and summer is coming. I don’t like summer very much because I don’t like hot weather. It is humid where I live, so I have less energy and I want to sleep.

I think I feel energetic and motivated in autumn because the school year starts in autumn in the UK. In autumn, I remember starting school after the long summer holiday. For me, autumn is a time for a new start. I also feel this way in winter. The new year starts in January. This is a time when people make goals for the year. I make goals for the year and feel motivated. I like to get up early in winter and work next to the heater while it is dark outside. For some reason, I work better like this.

In Japan, the school year starts in April, so many people feel motivated in spring. I am always very busy in March, so by the time April comes, I feel like I need a rest!

How about you? When do you have the most energy?

Heather@ I Talk You Talk Press