[Easy English Blog] First run of 2019

I went running a few days ago. It was my first run of 2019. It was very tiring! I ran my usual distance of 10km. I think I ate too much over Christmas and New Year, and I put on weight. That’s why I found the run tiring. Also I hadn’t run for about three weeks. I need to get back into the habit.

Luckily, the weather was beautiful. Even though it is winter, it was not too cold, and it was sunny. There was no wind. There were many people out enjoying the sunshine. Some were running, and some were walking. A few people were walking their dogs. I hope this mild weather continues. I want to go out running at least once a week. If it snows like it did last year, I won’t be able to.

This year, I hope to increase the distance I run. I always run 10km. I think it is time to try 15km and 20km. I’ll do my best! Here are some photos I took from my run the other day. Isn’t the weather nice?



Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press