[Easy English Blog] Roses

beautiful bloom blooming blossom

Photo by Mikes Photos on Pexels.com

A friend of mine has many beautiful roses in her garden. One of her roses is a beautiful apricot colour. It smells wonderful.

Yesterday she told me that the rose bush blooms about the time of her mother-in-law’s birthday. She told me she always picks some and puts them on the memory table in her house.

I have never seen her table, but I thought about the things we might put on a memory table. Photographs of family members who have died? Yes I think so. Maybe some small things that belonged to them, like a small box or ornament. And, of course, flowers.

J.M. Barrie, the man who wrote the book, Peter Pan, said “God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.”  Of course, he lived in the northern hemisphere, so December is winter. I live in the south, so it is summer in December. I can change his quote to suit me. “God gave us memory so that we might have roses in winter.”

Patricia @ I Talk You Talk Press