[Easy English Blog] Fashion

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Photo by EVG photos on Pexels.com

Do you keep up with the latest fashion trends? Do you read fashion magazines?

Some of my friends and family do. They buy fashion magazines every month, and buy clothes that are “in fashion”. They are always looking for the next fashion trend and thinking about fashion for the next season.

I am not really interested in fashion, so maybe they find it difficult to talk to me about it. I buy clothes that I like, rather than clothes that are in fashion at the moment. I like folk-style clothes, with embroidery and colourful patterns. I also like wearing black.

For me, wearing something I like is more important than wearing something that is in fashion. I also prefer to be comfortable, so when I choose clothes, I always think about comfort.

When I worked in an office, I wore a suit every day. Now that I work alone, I can wear what I like. I usually work in casual and comfortable clothes, unless I am meeting a client. When I am meeting someone, I try to dress smartly.

This is enough for me. I don’t feel like I need to follow fashion trends. I feel comfortable wearing what I like.

Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press