[Easy English Blog] Coffee

chocolate marshmallow frappe served in mug

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Do you drink coffee? How many cups do you drink a day? When I worked full-time in a language school, I used to drink five or six cups a day. I got sleepy in the afternoons, so I drank coffee to keep myself alert (alert: awake and energetic).

I soon realized this was not a good habit, because I had trouble sleeping. When I changed jobs, and went to work in an office, I changed to herb tea. My favourite was peppermint tea. It was refreshing and gave me energy. However, I still felt sleepy in the afternoons, so I would eat chocolate. (This was not a good habit either.)

Now that I work alone, I drink around two cups a day. I need coffee in the morning, because it helps me wake up. I also need coffee in the afternoons if I am writing or creating something. It helps me stay alert. I would like to drink more green tea, so I’m thinking of drinking matcha in the afternoons instead of coffee. It is healthier and I like the taste. I just need to buy a new tea whisk, because I lost my old one. (Where did it go? I have no idea. It just disappeared from my kitchen!)

When I go to coffee shops with my friends, I always order coffee. There are coffee shops in my city which serve different kinds of coffee-based drinks, such as cafe mocha or caramel macchiato. These drinks are high in calories, so I try not to drink them too often, but I love coffee with cream and chocolate syrup! Next year, I’ll try to make healthier choices.

Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press