[Easy English Blog] Birds

woman wearing black jacket standing near ocean with swan and birds

Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on Pexels.com

I have lived in many different places. Sometimes I have lived in cities and sometimes I have lived in the country. I have lived in apartments in the middle of big cities. There were no birds. Now I live 3km from a small city. Our garden has many trees. Some of the trees have berries that birds like to eat. We always have birds in our garden. Some of them are English birds – sparrows, blackbirds, thrushes, starlings. We have New Zealand birds too – tui and kereru. Tuis are very interesting. They are fighters. They chase other birds away. Their song is difficult because they copy the song of other birds.

We also have kereru in our garden. I love these birds. They are a kind of pigeon. They have big bodies and small heads. I think their brain is small. They are very crazy birds. They cannot fly well. They sit in small trees. The trees are not strong. The kereru fall off the trees. Then they have trouble flying. They do not have a song. The only sound we hear from kereru is the sound of their wings, and sometimes a bang because they fly against windows and walls.

Patricia @ I Talk You Talk Press