[Easy English Blog] Favourite subjects

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What were your favourite subjects at school? Mine were English, German and Music.

I love languages, so I enjoyed learning German very much. (I don’t remember any German now though!) I also enjoyed English. In English class we often did creative writing. We wrote stories in different genres, poetry and newspaper articles. We learned how to write in different styles. It was fun. We also read many books and wrote about them. I remember my English teacher saying “if you read three books a week, every week, you will get a good score in the final English exam.” Reading was my hobby, so I read three books every week. I was happy to get a good score at the end!

I also enjoyed music. To me, music is a kind of language. I think it is the most universal language. We can communicate our feelings through music. People from different cultures can understand each other through music. I especially enjoyed writing music. Writing stories and writing music were my favourite activities at school.

On the other hand, I didn’t like Science or Maths. I was not very good at Maths. But I was lucky, my best friend was very good at it, so she helped me with my homework. Now, she is a Maths teacher in a high school.

I also enjoyed CDT. CDT was Craft, Design and Technology. We had to design products. I designed a punch bag, a new cassette cover for a band I liked, and a living room. I had fun thinking of different designs.

My school’s specialist subject was performing arts, so all the students studied music and drama. I enjoyed drama class too. Compared to many schools, I think my school was creative. Of course, we studied traditional subjects, like Maths, Science, History and Geography, but we were also encouraged to be creative. I think this is why I chose to become a writer and translator. I’m glad my favourite subjects helped my career.

By Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press