[Easy English Blog] Dictionaries

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What kind of dictionary do you use? Paper? Electronic? Or your phone?

For many years, I used paper dictionaries. I had various Japanese-English dictionaries, and I used them every day. They were big and heavy, but they contained a lot of words. When I went to the library to study, I took them with me. Of course, there were dictionaries in the library, but I liked the dictionaries I had. I was used to them, and one of them in particular was good. I still have that dictionary, although I never use it. It reminds me of when I was studying Japanese.

Now, I use an electronic dictionary. It is 11 years old, but I like it. It contains Japanese-English, English-English, and Japanese-Japanese dictionaries, and many other dictionaries which I never use. It also has Kanji tests and memory tests. It is much more convenient to carry around.

Nowadays, I notice that many students don’t have any kind of dictionary. They use their smartphones to look up words on online dictionaries. I also use online dictionaries when I am working or studying at home. I study languages in front of my computer, so it is easier to look up words and phrases on my computer. I am learning Russian and Chinese, but I don’t have a Russian or a Chinese dictionary. If I need to look up a word, I use my computer.

So, I wonder what will happen in the future. Will dictionaries become obsolete? (obsolete = not used anymore)

I wonder if anyone buys paper dictionaries anymore. I wonder if people will gradually stop using electronic dictionaries and just use their phones or their computers. It is certainly more convenient.

By Heather @ I Talk You Talk Press