[Easy English Blog] Reading time

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Photo by Frans Van Heerden on Pexels.com

When is your favourite time to read?

My favourite time is at night, before I go to sleep. I love reading in my futon, next to the heater. In fact, this is my favourite time of the day, because reading is my favourite hobby. I read until I feel very sleepy, and then I go to sleep. I fall asleep soon after reading.

I also like to read on Sunday afternoons. I like lying on the sofa with a cup of coffee and a good book. I used to read in coffee shops or in the library, but now, I like the peace and quiet of my house.

I have tried reading in the afternoons, but I don’t feel comfortable. I feel like I should be working instead of reading. So, I stick to my reading times of evenings and Sunday afternoons.

When I was a child, I used to read in the evenings after school. I did my homework and opened a book. I could read for many hours and not get tired. I read many kinds of books – both fiction and non-fiction. I was lucky enough to live near a library, so I never ran out of books to read.

Now, I usually read on my Kindle. So as soon as I’ve finished a book, I start browsing for the next one. I like that I can shop for books from my sofa on Sundays, or my futon at night!

Heather@ I Talk You Talk Press

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