[Easy English Blog]To do list

pen calendar to do checklist

Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com

Do you make to do lists? I make one every evening. I write down everything I have to do, or want to achieve the next day. This is good for me, because it helps me to remember what I have to do. It also motivates me. It feels great to finish each item on the to do list and cross it out!

I don’t always finish all the items on my to do list, but having the list makes me work harder. If I didn’t have a list, I would do less work. I started writing daily to do lists a few years ago. At first, I wrote them in the mornings. Now, I write them in the evenings, so when I wake up, I can start working through the list right away.

Some people write to do lists, or schedules, on their computers or smartphones. They use apps or websites. I prefer paper and pen. The list is on my desk next to me, so I can see it all the time. If I forget what I have to do, I can look at the list easily.

This is my to do list for tomorrow.

  • Send files
  • Write blog posts
  • Update website
  • Go running
  • Go shopping
  • Write

My list is not so long. Tomorrow won’t be such a busy day!