[Easy English Blog]Getting outside

I don’t spend much time outside. I work indoors, so I spend most of time time in a room, sitting at my desk. I like getting out into the fresh air though, especially in this season. I think fresh air and nature are good for the mind. They refresh us, and help us to think more clearly.


My favourite time of the day to go outside is early morning. However, I often feel sleepy in the mornings, so I don’t go out so often. In the mornings, I open the window in my living room and exercise there. I really should go out running. I used to go out early in the mornings. I used to go for a walk or a run around Matsue Castle. I used to go around 6:00am. There were very few people around. It was nice and peaceful, and the air was so fresh and cool!


These are some photos I took a while ago. I got up at 5:30am and went for a walk around Matsue Castle. It was a beautiful morning. I must get up early and go there again!