[Short Story]Footprints

It is nearly Halloween, so here is a strange story. We hope you enjoy it!

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Photo by Toni Cuenca on Pexels.com

Malcolm has a new job in Bayerville. He will work as a mechanic in the gas station. It is a very small town. He has to find somewhere to live. It is very difficult, but he finds a small house about 2km outside Bayerville. The rent is very low. Malcolm is pleased.

I can save money and buy myself a new motorbike, he thinks. The house is old and dirty, but I can clean it up. And it’s next to the river. I like that. I am very lucky.

Malcolm works hard to clean the little house. After two days, he can move his furniture into the house. He rides his motorbike into Bayerville and buys food from the supermarket. He is pleased and excited.

He goes back to the house and cooks himself a meal. He drinks some beer. Then he feels very tired. He goes to bed.

Very early the next morning, Malcolm wakes up. There is someone in his bedroom!

He is very shocked. Then he sees that it is a small child. A little girl in a nightdress.

“What are you doing here?” he asks. “Where did you come from?”

The child doesn’t answer. She turns and walks out of the room. Malcolm jumps out of bed.

She is too young to be out alone at night. I must find out where her parents are. I must take her home, he thinks.

He sees the child’s footprints on the floor. The footprints are wet.

Has she been in the water? This is very strange. Malcolm follows the footprints. The child has walked out of the house.

It is still dark outside. Malcolm takes a flashlight from the kitchen. He hurries out the door.

He can see the little girl walking towards the river.

“Stop! Come back!” shouts Malcolm, but she keeps walking.

She moves very quickly and Malcolm has to run.

At edge of the river, the little girl disappears.

Oh, no! She has fallen in the river! I have to save her! he thinks.

A little later, the man who delivers the newspaper comes to Malcolm’s house.  He sees the door of the house is open. He is a very friendly man.

I will say ‘Hi’ to the new customer. I will welcome him to Bayerville, he thinks.

He goes to the open door. Then he stops. He can see very small wet footprints on the floor.

Oh, no! Not again!

He takes out his smartphone and calls the police. “Mary Lou is back!” he says. “Yes. I’m sure. There are footprints on the floor. This is the first time in ten years. Yes. I’ll wait here for you to come. I will help you search the river.”

He goes back to his truck and waits for the police.

Ever since Mary Lou drowned in the river, some people who live in this house disappear, he thinks. We always find their dead bodies in the river. The only clue is the wet footprints on the floor. I think she gets lonely.