[Easy English Blog] Chippy tea

I go back to the UK every year. As soon as I arrive at the airport, I go straight to the shop to buy chocolate! Then, when we are driving home, my mother always asks, “Shall we have a chippy tea tonight?”

I’m from north England. In the north, fish and chip shops are called “chippies”. Also, “dinner” is called “tea”. So, “a chippy tea” means to buy dinner from a fish and chip shop.

I always have a chippy tea on my first day back in the UK. I don’t eat fish, so I just have chips, with lots of salt and vinegar. (I know, this is not healthy, but it is only once a year!)

The taste reminds me of my childhood. When I was a child, we sometimes had chippy teas. There was a chippy near my house. My mum used to send me there to buy the fish and chips. The staff wrapped the fish and chips in old newspapers. Some people used to take their own plates and towels. The staff used to put the fish and chips on the plates, and then wrap the plates with the towels so the food stayed warm.

Now, fish and chips are usually served in cartons. I miss the smell of greasy newspaper and chips! I’m going back to the UK in December. As usual, I will have a chippy tea on my first night there. I can’t wait!