[Easy English Blog] Friends in different seasons

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I have friends who live in Australia and New Zealand. We often talk on Skype. Our conversations usually start with the weather. I spoke to my friend in New Zealand today. It is autumn in Japan, but it is spring in New Zealand.

I told her that it was getting cooler here, and she told me that it was getting warmer there. It’s interesting when we speak in winter or summer. When it’s winter here, I have the heater on, and I wear thick sweaters, while she has her windows open and wears a T-shirt!

It’s interesting to hear my friends’ stories about Christmas. I associate Christmas with snow, warm drinks, and hot fires. My friends in the Southern Hemisphere associate Christmas with the beach, or the swimming pool and cold drinks.

I’d like to visit my friends one day. I’d like to go during summertime in Japan. I don’t like the heat, so it will be good to get away from the heat and humidity. It will also be winter in New Zealand and Australia, which means it will be cool, and there won’t be so many insects! I’m really scared of insects. My friend in Australia always tells me stories about the insects in his garden. I don’t want to see them!